For balance

For balance

For posts about outdoors, nature, beautiful locations, and activities that balance the intensity and haste at work. The articles cover day trips to nature, backpacking, kayaking, and occasionally photos of beautiful locations and moments around us in the cities.
Boiling water to hydrate the dehydrated travel ration, using a camp stove.

Karhunkierros trail, from Hautajärvi to Taivalköngäs, day 1

A photo journal, with notes on lessons learned from backpacking the Karhunkierros trail from Hautajärvi nature center to Taivalköngäs campsite in August 2022.
23 min read
A little Sunday sayaking trip, with a hint of early autumn

A little Sunday sayaking trip, with a hint of early autumn

A casual Sunday afternoon kayaking trip at Hämeenlinna. If we were lucky, we might see some of the early autumn colors (ruska) too.
3 min read
Deep wall of fog of fog paints everything gray and cuts visibility to 50m.

Capturing moments, week 37 of 2022

This weekly post compiles short photos, moments, that do not have the length of a full blog article. The post is updated during the week as the moments arrive.
2 min read
Kayaking to the strait, with parks of green trees on the both sides.

Brief Saturday kayaking at Vanajavesi

Photos from a short 11km Kayaking trip at lake Vanaja in Hämeenlinna on Saturday 10.9.2022.
3 min read
A heavy handheld water purifier pumping water from a clear river on a sunny August day.

Water is life. How to get enough pure water when backpacking

In northern Finland, the water in streams and lakes is often drinkable, and temperatures are temperate to cool. Would your plan depend on finding potable water regularly, or would that be too optimistic?
4 min read
At the Hämeenlinna train station, with a huge backpack, eagerly waiting for the train to start the journey

The long walk and the journey to self at the Bear’s trail

What was to be the first long hike, turned into an opportunity for self reflection, while hiking in Bears Trail, Salla, all alone.
3 min read