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Brief Saturday kayaking at Vanajavesi

Photos from a short 11km Kayaking trip at lake Vanaja in Hämeenlinna on Saturday 10.9.2022.
Kayaking to the strait, with parks of green trees on the both sides.
Relaxed, warm Saturday, kayaking in Vanajavesi, Hämeenlinna, Finland 10.9.2022. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022

This post is a short photo journal of an 11km (2,5h) flying visit to kayaking at Vanajavesi on Saturday, 10.9.2022. The post's purpose is to give the reader a glimpse of what it could be like in case it would be fun to do the same. With the same intent, the photos are not about the people but the setting.

Temperate leaf tree park viewed from the lake, with a stone shoreline
The recreational walk, from Aulanko Golf park area towards Katajistonranta. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022. 

The forest near Metsäkylä area, manor, viewed from an almost still lake.
The forest surrounding Metsäkylä, Metsäkylänlahti from the lake. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022.

Everything on the calm lake is silhouetted with the brightness of the day.
Calm waters towards Rautapaadenlahti. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022.

The sign, affectionately known as "Kympin kivi" (ten's stone), is erected to warn boats of the low depth and rocks near the surface, in about a 15-20m radius around the post. The top of the sign has a reflective/mirroring surface, reflecting the boats' lights during times of darkness. For the kayakers, the name stems from the fact that our base, near Hämeenlinna, marks approximately 5km distance, so going around it is a 10km journey.

A 1,5-2 tall post with a reflective ring at the top, to act as a passive lighthouse to warn.
"Kympin kivi" a landmark and a warning of very low depth and rocks near the surface, near Lehtosaari. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022

Ahead are two kayakers paddling in a relaxed manner, next to lush forest on the lakeside.
The wild, almost jungle-like temperate leaf forest near Kauksaari. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.9.2022.

Wild forest on the lake shore, with the lush green of the summer starting to fade.
Autumn is starting to set in, removing the green from the dense forest. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi, 10.09.2022.

The way that the trees stretch and reach over the surface creates almost a jungle-like feel.
Leaftrees lurching out to to the lake, with their branches tipping the surface. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi, 10.09.2022.

The kayak heading into the strait, with parks on both shores.
Beautiful park, seen from the lake, at Kirstulansalmi. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi, 10.09.2022.

This Lomakotiyhdistys nursing home, Ilonpisara, and its sauna pictured below is something that makes me proud to live in Hämeenlinna. Some of the most beautiful locations are available for the elderly, less fortunate, and disabled. It is worthy of recognition that not all prime real estate areas are held by the prosperous and influential.

A large sturdy red sauna, with guardrails, next to the shoreline.
Ilonpisara sauna, at the home for the elderly. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022

A photo of Hotel Aulanko, taken from the shore of Hakalaniemi.
Hotel Aulanko, pictured from the other side of the lake strait. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022.

A dense, even wild, leaf tree forest, as seen from the lakeside.
The wild undergrowth and trees, on the shores of Hakalanniemi. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022.

Birch trees at the shoreline, of the strait next to Aulanko hotel.
A scenic lakeside route, near the Spa hotel Scandic Aulanko. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.9.2022 

Leaf trees growing from the edge of the lake, as seen from the Kayak
Beautiful park at the fishing area in the Kaupunginpuisto, next to HUK, Hämeenlinnan Uusi Kesäteatteri. Copyright Niko Kotiniemi 10.09.2022

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