The site's name, Aktiivi, was chosen for the positive meaning - translating to "active" - usually about a person who takes part actively, engages, or takes part in the topic more intensely than the average/median actor or participant.
Weekend morning mist sliding over calm forest lake surface on which sunlight is reflected.
Lake Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna, on a calm weekend morning. Copyright 9.8.2022 Niko Kotiniemi

Even though the site name (domain) is Finnish, the site content is entirely English.

This About-page is a summary of the core ideas for the site; what are the topics of the content for the site, who are the readers (customers, audience), what is the site's purpose, and the why of building it.

The site's name, Aktiivi, was chosen for the positive meaning - translating to "active" - usually about a person who takes part actively, engages, or takes part in the topic more intensely than the average/median actor or participant.

This active angle is expressed through attempts to create more lasting content and value for the audience by supplementing each article and post with context, views, and references.

In an ambitious experiment, the site aims to provide content for four different kinds of readers (audiences, customers). The assumption (thesis) is that the readers (and search engines) would find the content relatable on one, hopefully, two topics and that the non-relatable topics would not detract from the value too much.

In this social media age, it was an editorial design decision on this site because it's not about documenting people. There may be an occasional photo of a person to give a face to the narrative. However, the preference is for pictures without the people in them.

Main content topics on the site

Travel journals: posts of short and long trips outdoors with an emphasis on trying to describe to the reader what it would be like to visit the location.

Data + Platforms: organizing a collection of resources and links related to Data and building Data Platforms.

Product skills: articles related to product management, in theory, and putting it to practice for learning.

Management, leadership: a compilation of resources. Including writings of firsthand experiences from trying to apply the theories to practice and putting concepts from books to action.

Builder's notes: sometimes just designing is not enough; it has to be built, like this Aktiivi.com website. Notes on the journey of tinkering and development.

Expected audiences for the site

Design for everyone is design for no one. While all visitors are welcome, the expected audience for the site, the people in mind when writing content, are as follows;

English-speaking readers interested in casual to non-extreme outdoor activities and nature locations to visit in Finland for vacations or day trips.

People with busy work lives, who think there could be, should be more work-life balance - especially in tech. What to do, where to start, and ideas for quick visits.

Product managers and readers that are passionate about the product. This site can't teach how to succeed in the product, but maybe it can offer new peer support perspectives and resources.

Possible past and future colleagues, friends, acquaintances, and relatives searching the web for the author.

History of the site

The Aktiivi.com website, blog, and contents are still in the exploration and discovery phase. The site was re-launched in August 2022, born from an inspiration to create a travel journal of the nearly a week-long backpacking trip, the Karhunkierros in Lapland, Finland.

Site re-launching, acknowledging that the domain (address) has been in active daily use for over a decade. It simply had not had a public presence or content around the name.

The inspiration for blogging was not limited to posting photos outdoors. It was instead a more general urge to do something creative and provide something that would be useful to readers who invested their time in reading the posts. The idea of travel journaling kindled a fun way out of writer's block and even an impostor's syndrome in writing publicly and getting to posting actively.

Last but not least, this site is an experiment in creating content on multiple topics of interest, instead of a narrow focus, optimized around a single subject for search engine optimization and a single audience of outdoors or tech readers. We are multi-dimensional individuals; could websites be multi-faceted too? The site aims for a balance with topics related to work, technology, product and outdoors, nature, and hobbies.

The name of the site (domain), Aktiivi, does not translate to English explicitly. It translates to "active" and "activist," but in Finnish, an activist translates to "aktivisti" and not "active." I chose the name in its positive meaning, without the political or reforming associations.