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A little Sunday sayaking trip, with a hint of early autumn

A casual Sunday afternoon kayaking trip at Hämeenlinna. If we were lucky, we might see some of the early autumn colors (ruska) too.
A little Sunday sayaking trip, with a hint of early autumn

In an almost ad-hoc move we agreed to make an Sunday afternoon kayaking trip with a fellow kayaker from the same club, Vanajaveden Vesikot, of Hämeenlinna. The weather promised to be pleased, with only a minor wind and cool, but not cold, temperature.

It would also offer an opportunity to take some seasonal photos of the early autumn in Hämeenlinna. On the trip to Isojärvi, 120km north the autumn was already far, but perhaps I could some of the autumn colors in Hämeenlinna as well.

Leaf-trees, with a hint of yellow in the kaupunginpuisto-area
Kaupunginpuisto, city park, bordering Vanhankaupunginlahti

Mostly green leaftrees with occasional orange and yellow
Kaupunginpuisto, in the direction of Puistonmäki

Edge of the lake, with more prominent light and deep orange leaves
Aulanko, with Aulangon Ratsastuskoulu (Aulanko riding school) in th background

Paddling towards Ellilä, keeping quite close to the shore
Metsäkylänlahti, towards Ellilä, calm waters

Tall grass and reeds at the shore, with a variety of greens in the leaves in the woods behind
Metsäkylänlahti, with the grass and reeds at the beach in shades on strong green and already turning brown 

Trees standing in a multitude of greens and oranges, from the rocks and reeds at the shoreline
FInally a lucky break with the autumn colors, near Ellilä, a play of orange leaves mirroring from the calm waters

What a great day to visit outdoors, there were more than occasional couple enjoying the weather by the lakeside at Aulangonpuisto. So many, that it was not trivial to try to avoid people in the photos. It is easy to recommend, taking an autumn walk in the beautiful park, or lure fish from Vanajavesi in a casual Sunday pastime.

The park is starting to get a color wash, but still mostly green, looking serene
Aulangonpuisto, as seen from the Hatunniemi direction

What little wind there had been (around 3 m/s) was gone, and the only ripples in the water were made by occasional passing motorboat and our paddling.

Shades of orange in the leaftrees (I think maples) near the shore
The most beasutiful autumn colors on this trip were seen on the trees bordering the Aulanko golf course.

Our pier, for the Vanajaveden Vesikot kayaking club, still lush with leaftress and dense undergrowth of greens. As seen from Hattulanselkä-direction.

Large trees with green leaves riding from the sand at the edge of the lake.
Arriving back at the verdant forest where we left off