On the nature destinations of note in Finland

A grouping for blog posts, about notable nature and outdoor destinations in Finland that are not part of the national parks.
Duckboards extend as far as eye can discern from the edge (in fact, it’s not far) of the swamp.

Sunday afternoon refresher, at the Suurisuo swamp

Suurisuo is a large swamp area close to Hämeenlinna, in appearance and size more typical of the North Finland. Fresh air and peace of the outdoors.
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A photo of a erected green tent in after the darkness has fallen, with lantern illuminating from the inside.

Arrival at the beginning, of the Karhunkierros trail, day 0

Day 0 of the Bear’s Trail hike. Lessons learned: Practice setting up the tent in advance. The darkness levels up the difficulty, and having a lantern in addition to a headlamp helps a lot.
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